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Contest wtc entry chapter 1-2
Tranix make sure not to stumble on anything in the dark room as he walked through it, but it was somehow easier now that his eyes adjusted to the dark. As he walked through the room, he saw some items that had apparently fallen over aswell. And he could see some broken shards of glass where he found the lantern, most likely the lantern used to be at the top of those items. He then picked up the broken shards and put them into the lantern, and he then got out of the room and walked back up to Rarity.
"Well? What happened? Was there anything broken in there? Rarity asked him, a bit wondering why it took so long in the first place.
"Nothing special, just this lantern here and a few fabrics and stuff, its a good thing it wasn't lit at the time or there might have been a fire. I already picked up the pieces of glass that were on the floor." Tranix then replied as he help up the lantern, showing it to her.
"Oh my! Are Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom alright?" Rarity then asked
:iconulthor:Ulthor 1 0
Contest wtc entry chapter 1-1
Chapter 1
A new friend or two are always welcome.
It was a clear sky in Ponyville, as it had been all week because Rainbow Dash was practicing all week for a new move she thought up, the move itself had yet to work, but because of all the practice the clouds all but dissipated. Just as she was about to try again though, she heard a large scream from a familiar pink pony on the ground, it was enough to almost make her crash into Twilight Sparkle, who had been trying to help her with the technical details of the move.
"GAH!" Twilight shouted out as she braced herself for the impact, luckily Dash stopped just in time for the crash to be averted for a change, it took a few seconds for Twilight to open her eyes and see this though. "Wow Rainbow Dash, you actually managed to stop before hitting me for a change."
"Huh? Oh right, I normally crash into you
:iconulthor:Ulthor 1 0
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Ulthor Tranix Chaotic
  • Listening to: Awake from the band Skillet.
  • Reading: several fanfics
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1.What are your thoughts on napalm?

It gets the job done I guess, although it does takes some more time when your up against a tank or android or something like that, I like heavy explosives more in those cases.

2.Have you ever gone A.W.O.L.?

That means deserting in your human language right? In that case I never run away, I always keep on going till I have to admit my defeat through a fair fight.

3.You got any batteries? (I'm running low on power.)

I guess I could give you a Nironium core if you'd like, not sure if your human technology can handle it though.

4.Are you a newtype?

I'd say I'm more of an old type then a newtype, seeing as I'm older then your entire dimension, plus I'm not limited to your human limitations.

5.Sprechen sie deutsch?

I can understand it just fine, just can't type it.

6.¿Quien es el gobernador de Puerto Rico?

Unfortunately this is one of the few languages I don't know, give me something like Chocobo language or some other alien language and I'll mostly be fine, but that I don't know.

7.How many tank do you have?

I'm guessing you meant Tanks as in several, as for how many.... Thats classified information, plus I lost count after the first few hundred dimensions.

8.Why is the world no longer flat?

Cause I went to a dimension in which its round.

9.Why am I asking so many questions?

You tell me, I'm still trying to figure out why I'm telling you all this.

10.Why am I asking you?

Cause I'm one of the few that likes your sprites?

Now then, as its tradition for these apparently, I'll tag the next five people and ask my own questions to them.


1. What's your favorite show?

2. Which of your own drawings or literature do you like best?

3. Who is your favorite artist here on DA?

4. Do you think the moon in the Kreglore system is made of dragon scales?

5. What would you do if you'd find yourself in the normal MLP friendship is magic dimension?

6. How does insanity taste like to you all?

7. Can you see the color Glurp?

8. Which color do you like best?

9. Think you'll do this aswell?

10. Say something random for fun.


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